VERNER is a Melbourne/Naarm based fashion practice by Ingrid Verner that operates across womenswear, housewear, textile design and collaborations.

Inspiration is drawn from an exploration of surroundings, the here and now, and the everyday. A curiosity in the relevance and influence of Australian culture and lifestyle breaks down tired and clichéd perspectives. 

Collections employ the use of varying and contrasting techniques and ideas woven together. Original hand drawn and photographic prints as well as unique textile elements speak to a preoccupation in the dialogue between surface and structural design.

Tailored utilitarian shapes are produced in sportswear compositions—inspired by the instinctual beauty of professional and personal uniforms. Canvassing concepts of how we dress in line with our modern day ambitions, VERNER offers shapes for women that provide a sense of equality and comfort.

VERNER regularly collaborates with like minded artists, adding a further layer of interest to each collection.


VERNER is committed to manufacturing its products under safe, fair, and human working conditions. We work with our makers to respect fair practice. 

VERNER works closely with a Melbourne based family-owned manufacturing company to produce our garments. These garments are manufactured in both China and Australia. Due to the nature of the garments produced—with a focus on textile and development, we are not always able to manufacture locally. We are however always on the search for local solutions and strive to continually improve our practice wherever possible. We will continue to explore organic and sustainable fabric options, and choose to use fabrics that are excess from larger labels where possible. We always endeavour to use more sustainable methods of printing and dying.

Our makers are ethically accredited—most recently audited by SMETA and are compliant across the four pillars of Labour, Health and Safety, Environment and Business Ethics.

We are committed to producing small scale, limited edition runs of one off prints and collaborations, in support of the slow fashion movement. Our priority is artistic growth, not financial gain. We hope to encourage everyone to buy less, and own forever. 

We believe in freedom of employment, safe working conditions, no child labour, fair wages, reasonable working hours and non-discrimination. We work with creatives of diverse backgrounds, and hope to use our brand to elevate the art and talent of marginalised voices.


For all enquiries:

Pay the Rent

VERNER acknowledges that we work on the unceded sovereign land of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation. We have committed to paying the rent, by contributing 1% of our online sales to the Pay The Rent initiative.

If you would like to learn more about VERNER’s ethos and values, please feel free to email us. We are always available for conversation.