‘Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life so you bought some sweatpants.’ Karl Lagerfeld. With Game Change, VERNER returns to themes of Australian suburbia and cultural identity. It’s a jocular assessment of the health and fitness movements and how fitness wear has become a new Antipodean skin. Alongside the present, the pieces call on the orange glow of Australia in the late 20th century, unbound and still wild, with the fingers of cool style pulling at the seems. Classic tracksuit shapes and tactile fabrications are prominent, and rooted in an ideology of luxury and comfort. Playing with Australia’s generational and obsessive love of sport, they’re inspired by sunlight baking on a clay tennis court you’ll admire but never think to play. And evoke lithe bodies, strong and athletic without the strain of exertion. Game Changer employs the aesthetic highlights of an active lifestyle without breaking a sweat. Here physicality is dressed in soft fabrics, jerseys, and un-brushed fleece. The collection finds humour in banality and whimsy in simplicity. VERNER has refined and warped the cuts of active wear, taking a shift in direction, a change of focus, to view familiar items in new ways. Tracksuits, jumpsuits, stretch layers, and quilted nylons are brought out of gym bags and work out rooms—they’re unspun and worn in daylight and fresh air. The collection reimagines the sports uniform without any of the overhanging assumptions. Holding onto the threads of ease, leisure, and comfort it becomes a new kind of uniform, one you would never think to change for work or play. As a result each piece lives naturally in the wardrobe of the VERNER girl, for whom dress codes are archaic and cumbersome. Delicate and durable they’re not for one moment or another, but rather to compliment a lifestyle of fluidity and ease. Quiet confidence is key here, when being comfortable makes you unstoppable. VERNER, for the woman who lost control but looked so good doing it.